Relevance of Rizal Today

Topics: Philippines, Sangley, José Rizal Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: October 3, 2011
Relevance of Rizal Today
The liberty in our hands, the probability that our country can achieve economic and social prosperousness on its own, and the denomination our motherland had received which is all known in almost around the world. These are the products that a great man entrusted to us, the fruit an unforgettable man had cultivated for the present generation, and the path created by a hero for us to have our own history and to make our own legacy for the future Filipinos. These are the outcome of a person’s deeds and actions which showed us light and hope. He is the great lover who changed our country, our future and definitely each and one of us. He is Jose P. Rizal, our national hero. The significance of studying the life, trials and works of Rizal is not just to memorize or comprehend the book that Zaide, Ocampo or Retana had written. It is more of appreciating his hardships and triumphs as he slowly completed the task God had given to him, that is, to bring reform to our homeland. It is appreciation in a sense that it can awaken the national spirit within every Filipino heart. This is undeniably the main purpose of the government that is why the law Republic Act No. 1425 had been established stating that all colleges and universities shall include “The Life Works and Writings of JOSE RIZAL” in their curriculum. Different people from different time, places and circumstances have different perception about this particular matter. They can view Rizal as a plain national hero. Some might regard him as an inspiration or even a saint. This perspective is relative on how they undergo the study or how they acknowledge Rizal’s exploits. But one thing if for sure, it gives unshakable impact to Filipino students. As a mere student, I reckon Rizal not just an inspiration but also a model. A model that represents the most ideal person a Filipino can be. Why? It is because of his overflowing triumphs and uncountable misfortunes he was able to overcome. I put in...
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