Relevance of Asian Civilization in Nursing

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Relevance of Asian Civilization in the Nursing Profession

Nursing had been practice in the ancient civilization in all parts of the world The Asian civilization is very diverse and group of people have their own way of taking care of their health. Every country in Asia has different health practices that is being inherited and pass on to the generation. Each civilization has also unique culture that influences their health practices.

Understanding of the Asian Civilization is important in field of nursing discipline because people in other parts of Asia have different perceptions of their health and how they takes care of their health and what measures they do to improve their health. The importance of the study of civilization particularly Asia is that we will be able to understand the culture of the countries in the Asian region. Of course, culture is an important component of the patient’s lives that affect their health care attitudes and actions. Like for example in the Philippines, especially in the remote areas, people practice herbal medicines to treat their ailments and they prepare cocktail of drinks from herbs to make them strong and healthy. In other countries using herbal medicines are also practice but the preparation are different. The nursing profession is changing to catch up with the advent of technology that has shape the health system. But with the new technology still a few people have been benefited. Nursing profession expands and reach out to the people in the remote areas in the country were help is needed. Every country in Asia must expand their services to the countryside and utilized their nurses to render their services in the community.

Before a nurse must go to the community he/she must understand the culture of the people, the nurse must know their shared values, beliefs and norms that are used to help them function in life. By doing this the nurse can now have the insight on what kind of people he/she be dealing with....
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