Relecting on Coaching Practice

Topics: Coaching, Session Initiation Protocol, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 21 (6979 words) Published: July 22, 2011
The purpose of this assignment is to detail reflections on my performance after 12 hours of coaching or mentoring to prove my potential as a management coach or mentor. Main Body
Critically review how my own ethical and moral values, beliefs, attitudes and personal integrity affect how well i perform as a leadership mentor or coach Critically review the practical skills needed to perform effectively in the role of a leadership mentor or executive coach. Focus on working with diverse groups of leaders. Explain how to use my personal qualities and abilities to support the growth of leadership capability. Focus on how to adjust my practice to respond to differences between individuals and their organisational needs. Planning and undertaking mentoring or coaching sessions

How an effective relationship is initiated
How to evaluate and agree support needs and objectives
How a contract is agreed
Individual sessions
How session content/set-up is negotiated
What preparation for an effective session
Session running
How to manage an effective live session
Session recording
What tools used to effectively record a live session
Review of client progress
Client development
What review takes place to ensure client development in sessions Supporting needs
How clients needs are evaluated and met in sessions
Supporting progress towards goals
How progress towards objectives is managed in sessions
Reflections on my performance as a coach or mentor
Demonstrate peer mentoring and professional networks are engaged in for feedback/advice Demonstrate use of client and others feedback
Critically review own feedback on performance to aid development using appropriate techniques Identify own development needs and action plan for improvement

2. Main Body
2.1 Self-assessment
2.1.1 To critically review how my own ethical and moral values, beliefs, attitudes and personal integrity could impact my ability to perform as a leadership mentor or executive coach, I decided that I needed to understand two key aspects of this. 1. I should carry out some exercises of self-evaluation and 2. To understand which could impact positively or negatively on coaching or mentoring. For self-evaluation I worked on the basis that it is easy to fool yourself into believing you are a certain way to suit your circumstances, but according to Lee & King (2001) there are three ways to test your value base; these are to. a. Consider if a value is internal, b. Consider if you exemplify the value through what you say and c. Review if you exemplify the value through your actions. I undertook the exercises in (Lee & King (2001) and carried out a review in conjunction with my wife to further test my core values against an externally trusted (and experienced view). I was not surprised by the results as over the length of my career I have to a large degree consciously moved to my current position. My core values have however re-prioritised over that period, with balance and family taking over from advancement and adventure. My core values (in no particular order) are Work/life balance, family, inner-harmony, integrity, justice, love, self-respect and my location. My strongly held values which I often display include collaboration, autonomy, enjoyment, helping others and diverse perspectives. According to Carl Jung these values are a very strong part of the chain of human psychology that drives everyday behaviours, attitudes and beliefs and therefore how I impact my environment. They drive my beliefs that we are all equal, that we all have innate abilities and that we can all contribute positively to society. This review has also made me consider my own prejudices which at age 44 are strongly embedded, but can be rationalised and when required set aside. Starr (2008) details elements that make a ‘great coach’ when reviewing my values against that list, it is clear that my sense of...
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