Release Notes 3.8

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Logger Pro 3 Release Notes
Version December 6, 2011

System Requirements Install Notes What's Changed in Logger Pro Logger Pro Known Issues File Compatibility What Changed in Earlier Logger Pro 3 Releases What Changed from Logger Pro 2 to Logger Pro 3 LabPro Operating System Changes LabQuest Operating System Changes

General System Requirements

Basic data collection or graphing, with no video capture • Windows XP SP2/SP3 (32 bit) with Pentium processor, 500 MHz or better, 256 MB RAM, available USB or serial port. Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) with OS compatible hardware. Apple's QuickTime version 7.1.6 or newer required for video playback. • Macintosh (PPC & Intel) OS X 10.4.1, 10.5.3, 10.6, or newer with available USB port. We recommend that Mac users use 10.5.8 or better and upgrade their systems through Apple's software update on a regular basis for the optimal experience in using Logger Pro. • Logger Pro requires approximately 380 MB. About 150 MB additional temporary disk space is needed during the installation process; you should have at least 830 MB free space prior to installation to allow the installation to complete successfully and retain some space for user files. Video playback requires QuickTime – another 410 MB should be reserved prior to a Windows installation. • Computer display resolution 1024x768 or higher is strongly recommended. Lower resolutions may result in important controls being hidden • For video playback or extended data collection a faster processor and more memory are suggested, such as a 2 GHz (867Mhz G4 for Mac) processor with 2 GB RAM. QuickTime 7 is required for video playback. • Data collection requires one or more of the following interfaces: LabQuest Mini, LabQuest, LabPro, Go! Temp, Go! Link, Go! Motion, WDSS, Vernier Spectrometers, select Ocean Optics Spectrometers, select Garmin GPS receivers, Vernier GPS, Mini GC, Watts Up? Pro, Ohaus Scout Pro or Adventurer Pro balance. • Previous releases of Logger Pro are available for special applications. Contact Vernier for more information. • Video resolutions less than 1024x768 are fully supported by Logger Pro 3.4.6 for non-video applications. • Window 2000 is supported by Logger Pro 3.6.0. 1

• Windows 98 SE & Me are supported by Logger Pro 3.4.6. • Mac OS 9 is supported by Logger Pro 3.4.2; OS X 10.2 is supported by Logger Pro 3.4.5; OS X 10.3 is • Windows NT is supported by earlier versions of Logger Pro 3. Windows NT does not support any USB • Windows 95 and Mac OS 8 are supported by Logger Pro 2.2.1. Video Capture Functions • Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 with DirectX 9 and OS compatible drivers installed. • Macintosh OS X 10.4.1 or better. OS X 10.4.8 or newer is required for Proscope HR use on Intel Macs. • For Windows: 2 GHz single-core processor or any multi-core processor and 1GB RAM, and at least 500 MB available hard disk space for temporary storage. • For Mac: 867 MHz G4 processor and 1 GB RAM, and at least 500 MB available hard disk space for temporary storage. • Routine video capture and storage will require additional disk space over time. • Screen resolution of at least 1024x768. • Compatible camera. • A minimal system may sometimes exhibit skipped or duplicated frames in video capture. Faster systems will exhibit fewer such problems. For most purposes these duplicated or skipped frames will not be visible. Wireless / Bluetooth with Vernier Wireless Dynamics Sensor System (WDSS) • For Windows, WDSS requires Windows XP SP 2 or newer, Vista, or Windows 7 with the Microsoft Bluetooth Driver and a Bluetooth radio compatible with the installed driver (built-in or add-on radio). Certain “Widcomm” or “Broadcom” Bluetooth radios are supported. Vernier recommends using the Microsoft Bluetooth driver whenever possible for such radios; however, latest Broadcom drivers and radios have been shown to work with Logger Pro. • For Macintosh, WDSS requires OS X 10.4.1 or newer...
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