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21 January 2013
How to Relax
Have you ever wanted to relax, but have just never been stimulated enough or just do not know how to relax? In these modern times, there are many stresses that influence our lives, such as work or school. As a result these stresses can gradually build up over time to cause severe problems, both mentally and physically. Stress is something that can affect everybody and should be dealt with both caution and patience. Although stress cannot be fully eliminated, there are various techniques in which we can learn to help and cope with stress for ourselves as well as others. Relaxation is a simple coping mechanism that we can use when dealing with stress. Relaxation is one of the most ideal and effective method that is used worldwide, in relieving stress. Fundamentally, attaining the most comfortable and serene place that you can, is the start line to your race for a stress free life. The idea is to create a “safe sanctum”, a place where you can escape from any hindering anxieties. This is the most important part of relaxation; it is completely up to you where you choose to place yourself. It differs for many people; one person might find their bedroom the most fitting place, whilst another person might find their local park the most tranquil place that they can find. Choosing your “safe sanctum” should be done with thought and preciseness. When choosing your “safe sanctum” it is imperative that you acknowledge the following factors, relaxation is best acquired when you are in dim lighting. It has been scientifically proven that bright lights stimulate the brain more. This also includes electronic devices, not only are they very distracting, they also increase brain activity. So you must find a place where these elements are not around or remove them. Another factor you must consider is, you must be comfortable to achieve maximum relaxation - if you are uncomfortable in any way you will not be able to relax fully. Again to achieve...
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