Relativism and Morality

Topics: Rwandan Genocide, Juvénal Habyarimana, Human sexual behavior Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Relativism and Morality

Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility
SOC 120

April 8, 2013

According to Lenn E. Goodman some things are just wrong. His article “Some Moral Minima” outlines some of the worst examples of things that are just simply wrong. He mentions rape, genocide, and incest as things that have no justification. When it comes to any of the above examples, Goodman finds something that diminishes another person or party and conflicts with the right to possess an enjoyable existence as wrong. He also believes anything that demoralizes man or women as wrong. One could argue that recognizing that the above are wrong as part of one’s moral institutions. (Mosser, 2010, pp. 3-Section 1.2 )

The first example is rape, much more than a defilement of another; it is offensive and encroaches upon another’s body and mind. Rape is about control, power; it is subjecting another against their desire to perform sexually. Many rapists want to demean and belittle their victims. Rape lacks intimacy and is a violation of trust, which is paramount in normal sexual encounter. This act is a measure of hatred and de-void of love. A rapist relies on fear and preys upon a person’s dignity, which can lead to denial and many cases go unreported or time elapses before notifying the authorities. There is no justification for rape, even in wartimes rape is still wrong, although it can be a psychological weapon. (Goodman, April 1, 2010, p. 92)

Another case of wrong is genocide as all living beings make a request to life. According to Goodman a choice to life is the first premise of demands of agreement to deserts. Deserts are a reflection of people rising to moral higher ground in the case of societies, where attention covers and support warrants the personal deserts that we defend as human rights and that one’s foundations rightly attempt to shelter, enrich, and enrich lives. Goodman defines murder as wrong because it...
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