Relative Humidity

Topics: Humidity, Temperature, Dew point Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: September 14, 2008
Relative Humidity Lab
1. Yes, our relative humidity was different for the two locations because the temperature in the building was lower than the temperature outside. 2.The psychrometer has a "sock" on the bulb of the thermometer. You get the sock wet and twirl the thermometer around for 30 seconds. If the temperature dropped then you spin it again for 15 seconds. Then you subtract the temperature of the psychrometer from the starting temperature and that is the difference. Then you must look at the humidity in the black text book to determine the relative humidity. A psychrometer is an instrument designed to measure dew point and relative humidity. 3.Evaporation is a cooling process because heat is taken out of water when the process occurs. Energy is used to break the bonds that hold water molecules together, which is why, water easily evaporates. The humidity level causes the water to evaporate more quickly when the temperature is warmer. The surface temperature also has a part in evaporation. 4.The warmer the air temperature, the more water that will be able to evaporate into the air. It would be possible to have 0% RH at the poles because the air temperature is cold there. It would be possible to have 100% RH at the equator because that is where the hottest temperatures on Earth are everyday. 5.In Boise, ID there are no oceans near it. Boston, MA lies on the East Coast. The East Coast receives most of it's humidity from the ocean and the sea breezes. Idaho, on the other hand, does not have an ocean to bring its relative humidity. 6.(Graph)

7. a) The relative humidity throughout the day decreased for both locations.
b) The relative humidity for the classroom somewhat stayed the same throughout the day. Outside, however, the relative humidity rapidly drops after second period.
c) I think that the relative humidity outside lowered as the day progressed because the air was saturated so the air couldn't hold anymore water.
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