Relative Excersies

Topics: Relative clause, The First Man, Relativizer Pages: 21 (6806 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Choose the best answer
This is the place _________ I met my wife.
A. what B. whereC. whichD. that
Simon is the man _________ Mary loves.
A. who B. whichC. whomD. A&C
My wife, _________ is a doctor, works at Community Hospital.
A. who B. whichC. whomD. that
Only one of the people _________ work in the company is qualified.
A. what B. whichC. whoD. where
She is the one _________ I told you about.
A. what B. whichC. whoseD. who
Those _________ had studied hard passed their exams.
A. what B. whichC. whoD. whose
The magazine _________ you lent me is interesting.
A. what B. whichC. whomD. whose
The man _________ is resting is very tired.
A. what B. whichC. whomD. who
The boy _________ sat next to you is my friend.
A. who B. whichC. whomD. whose
We are using books _________ were printed last year.
A. what B. whoC. whichD. whose
The painting_________Ms. Wallace bought was very expensive.
A. whomB. whoseC. whichD. where
The homeless people_____story appeared in the paper last week have now found a place to live.
A. whoB. whomC. thatD. whose
__________ is your favourite sport, swimming or running.
A. What B. WhichC. WhomD. Whose
Were the Wright brothers the ones __________built the first aeroplane?
A. whichB. whom C. whoseD. that
I don't like stories________ have unhappy endings.
A. where B. which C. they D. who
The periodic table contains all the elements, ________ has a particular atomic weight and atomic number. A. which of each B. each of which C. which each D. each Ansel Adams was a landscape photographer ________ photographs of the western United States show nature on a grand scale. A. whose B. of whom C. of his D. his

Jan didn't check she had enough petrol before she left, ________ was careless of her. A. what B. it C. that D. which
This is a town ________ many people live.
A. in which B. whichC. at whichD. on which
She, ________ is your sister, lives far away.
A. which B. whoC. whomD. she
I see some girls ________ are pretty.
A. whomB. whichC. whoD. they
Give back the money ________ you took.
A. itB. whoC. whomD. which
He was killed by a man ________ friends we know.
A. whose B. whichC. whomD. that
He spoke to the messengers with ________ you were leaving.
A. whichB. whomC. whoseD. that
We captured a town ________ is in Spain.
A. whomB. whereC. whichD. it
The farmers ________ we saw were in the field.
A. whose B. whichC. theyD. whom
The women ________ I gave the money were glad.
A. to whom B. to thatC. for whomD. for that
I know a boy ________ name is John.
A. who B. whoseC. whomD. that
The man ________ you sent to the general has reported the victory.
A. whose B. whichC. whomD. he
I saw those slaves ________ had been led to the city.
A. whose B. whichC. whomD. who
The people ________ courage you praised are now citizens.
A. whose B. whichC. whomD. that
You folks ________ live in farmhouses do not like the life of the city.
A. whose B. whoC. theyD. which
Those towns ________ you were looking at in Gaul are small.
A. who B. whereC. whichD. whom
In Helvetia I have seen a large city ________ many people live.
A. at which B. whichC. on whichD. in which
He ________ is not my friend is my enemy.
A. who B. whichC. whomD. A&B
I sent my friend the books ________ I had written.
A. who B. whichC. whomD. what
Behind the farmhouse there was a large garden, ______ the farmer and his sons were working.
A. for which B. whichC. in whichD. that
Did you see the men to whom I gave the money?
A. to whom B. whichC. from whomD. to that
She sends me the book________ she________ two years ago.
A. whom / writesB. whose /wroteC. which/ writesD. which / wrote The man ________ spoke to John is my brother.
A. whomB. whoC. whoseD. which
I must thank the man from _____ I got the present.
A. who B....
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