Relationships: the Scarlet Letter

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Relationships through the Scarlet Letter show in many forms. In this book , the most prominent secret to the reader is the one most guarded. Hester and Dimmesdale's relationship is shown at first when they meet in the woods. Through the beginning of the book, Hester refuses to reveal her fellow sinner though to the reader It is obvious that they both have feelings for each other. Both torn by the separation they must endure, and bound by the fear of society finding out their secret, they hide. Hester keeps quiet to protect her lover, what she doesn't realize is that by refusing to reveal him she causes him to have deep distress and inner conflict. Because he feels he deserves the same punishment as Hester, Dimmesdale tortures himself physically and mentally to try to deal with the turmoil inside. Chillingworth has some interesting relationships in this book as well. Roger Chillingworth is a sad twisted man. It is told, that he would neglect Hester, all while expecting her to fulfill his every want. When they became separated,Chillingworth took up the occupation of a doctor or a "leech". Chillingworth is unable to maintain any kind of relationship, as a result of this, he now "leeches" off of the emotions, thoughts and feelings of his patients for energy and purpose. Arthur Dimmesdale becomes a patient of Chillingworth not knowing that he is Hester's husband. Seeking revenge for Arthur's sin, Chillingworth tortures him emotionally pushing further and further into his mind and conscious, he causes much pain. When Dimmesdale claims Pearl as his daughter, he releases them all, in a way, from Chillingworth. As the book progresses, Dimmesdale dies. Chillingworth, with no one left to feed off of, dies as well. Pearl and Hester's relationship is a tense one. Pearl is very lively spirited and she is a handful. Pearl is a symbol to Hester , she is shame but is also a blessing. Pearl is sometimes hurtful, either knowingly or not we can't be quite sure....
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