Relationships in A Hero of Our Time

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Daniel HaiA Hero of Our Time Relationships 12/4/11
Pechorin and Maxim
1. Pechorin and Maxim’s relationship is dynamic in that it is significant in the novel. Although, they are very different, it is ironic to see how they interact with each other in the novel. Although Maxim is higher in rank and authority, he does not have any confidence like Pechorin. We see this in the Bela chapter, as Maxim tries to give advice about his decision that having trading the horse for Bela was a bad idea. But he “was stumped again” (21) every time he tried arguing with Pechorin. This shows authority of Pechorin. 2. This reveals that Pechorin is far more confident and authoritive in having control over Maxim. Both characters do not understand each other in how they interact every time disagreeing upon almost everything. Pechorin manipulates Maxim by politely respecting his higher military position by saying, “you’re a kindly man” but than asking for what he really wants to expect from Maxim as he interacts with Pechorin. 3. This reveals Maxim’s character as open for manipulation and agreeing with Pechorin. Maxim is never aggressive and always respectful to what Pechorin has to say. He admits to be wrong and is not confidence. We see this as he says “ I agreed again. What else could I do?” (22). This clearly portrays Maxim’s character. Pechorin and Dr. Werner

1. Pechorin and Dr. Werner’s characters are opposites of each other. The characters are different in every way. Pechorin is killing people, while Dr. Werner is aiding those that need. Pechorin is materialistic and heartless while Dr. Werner’s profession is to help others. Pechorin takes advantage of other people while Dr. Werner gets taken advantage of. The characters are compliments of each other. When they are about to duel, the doctor says “You are an astonishing fellow”(137) insulting Pechorin indirectly. 2. This reveals Pechorin as the opposite of what a good hearted human being should be....
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