Relationships in Belonging

Topics: Amy Tan, Piano, The Joy Luck Club Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: June 4, 2012
“Relationships are fundamental to an understanding and acceptance of oneself” Discuss the importance of this notion of belonging with reference to your set text and one related text.

“Relationships are fundamental to an understanding and acceptance of oneself” in relation to this statement through both texts Joy luck club by Amy Tan and For My Daughter by Judith Wright will explore the importance of this statement in relation to belonging. Both these texts show how conflict and difficulties in a relationship can lead to both resentment as well as acceptance.

‘For My Daughter’ by Judith Wright explores the idea that time brings change, and within that time, children grow up and separate from their parents. Wright challenges this as she concludes there is an inevitable bond, which cannot be broken but can cause great conflict between the mother and daughter’s relationship when the child is growing up. This is evident through the metaphor “the world has caught you up, to go at the worlds pace” on line 3 in the first stanza. The connection between the mother and baby is served at birth, however other influences compete with the mother, which then becomes the personal identity of the child. This is evident through the line “you must become your world and follow in its ways”. It is the thoughts and viewpoints through the mother’s perception, which causes conflict to their relationship. When a baby is first born it instantly belongs to its mother, however it is inevitable that the child will develop its own view of the world both in spite of and as well as because of the parents upbringing.

In relation to the Joy ‘Luck Club’, through the character Jing-Mei and mother Suyuan, Tan also explores similar ideas to Wright. Jing-Mei believes that her mother’s criticism bespeaks a lack of affection, which in fact her mother’s high expectations are expressions of love and faith in her daughter. In the story Two...
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