Relationships Between People

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  • Published : May 23, 2011
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Task 1
Consider the following groups of people

* Colleagues
* Head Teachers
* Children
* Parents

How will communicating effectively with each of these groups help you to build positive relationship with them? Write your answer on a separate piece of paper.


Working with other colleague involves team work, and it’s essential that you can work well together whilst maintaining a strong professional relationship. If there is bad relationship between colleges it’s likely to affect the service we provide as practitioners. If I have a good relationship I would feel at ease to discuss issues, working arrangements,and ideas.

Head Teachers

I would approach them if I have any concerns and issues I feel are not being sorted. Asking them for advice shows I feel they are approachable and that I can trust them to deal with any arising issues. Familiarising myself with the school polices will help when needing to bring up any issues with polices.


If a child feels that I am a friend to them then they are able to approach me with any worries and concerns regarding anything school related. They will also feel they could ask me for support with their work. By taking an interest in each child, encouraging them and praising them will help build a close friendship. At the times I need to discipline them I would take a firm but direct approach.


Involving parents in their child’s target setting and giving them advice on how they can help their child at home makes them feel appreciated and involved in their child’s learning. Parents need to have total confidence and trust in the practitioners’ ability, this can be achieved by providing a service to them based on their needs. Establishing the level of formality that is required is a great start to figuring how to deal with each parent in a unique way.
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