Relationships and Their Role During the Holocaust

Topics: Judaism, Jews, Elie Wiesel Pages: 4 (1467 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Relationships and Their Role during the Holocaust

Jake Bahantka
Period 9
Mrs. Goetz
Amongst the carnage of the holocaust from eleven to seventeen million people died, six million of which were of the Jewish faith. Friend and family relations helped thousands get through much of this horrific length of time, while also tormenting and straining the lives of loved ones. Millions of people suffered amongst the span of WWII. Generations after still suffered as their families started over, majority of which were of the Jewish faith. Literature was highly inspired by the Holocaust and provides new scripts for authors on the positive and negative effect relationships play during intense trying times. The short novel Four Perfect Pebbles helped to compel the topic of relationships and their role during very trying times. Throughout the novel there were examples of the relationships shared to help families get through their hardships, until they made their way into safety, or met their untimely demise. Literary elements, plot and characterization and the wording of many of the events deeply express emotions that are being felt by each and every character. Four Perfect Pebbles is the memoir of Marion Blumenthal Lazan’s experience as a child during the holocaust. After Hitler rose to power the Blumenthal’s, a young Jewish family, where stuck in Nazi Germany despite their attempts to escape. When he became Chancellor, discrimination against Jews began to grow rapidly. The Blumenthal’s store was boycotted quickly. The relationship shared by Marion’s mom and dad had with their parents almost prevented them from being able to escape from the torture of Nazi Germany. In the fall of 1939 Westerbork, a permanent Jewish refugee camp was formed and in December the Blumenthal’s moved in. Marion had a very close relationship with her mother although they argued consistently. Their relationship help each other get through much of Nazi torment. Another relationship that helped...
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