Relationship with a Psychopath

Topics: Emotion, Psychopathy, Brain Pages: 3 (1017 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Psychopathy is an incurable personality disorder and is characterized by an inability to show empathy. It is so deeply ingrained in their neurological pattern, that it is unchangeable. Many violent criminals suffer from psychopathy. It is something they are born with, and is not tied with genetics, so it can come up in anyone. They have physically different brains from 'normal' people, and scans by scientists show that they had less grey matter in the areas of the brain important for understanding other peoples' emotions. Many books and websites claim to know steps an individual can take to change the mind and habits of a psychopath. The “solutions” these “professionals” spit up are false. The one solution to a relationship with a psychopath is to disengage all contact with that individual. You cannot change a psychopath and, consequently, you cannot improve your relationship with one. And unlike mental retardation and autism, psychopathy is not in any way a harmless deficiency. It is extremely dangerous and they will use their high intelligence to cause harm to others for selfish purposes. It’s how they are made from the very beginning.

Doctor Robert Hare, the leading professor in psychology says in his book Without Conscience, “Like the color-blind person, the psychopath lacks an important element of experience—in this case, emotional experience—but may have learned the words that others use to describe or mimic experiences that he cannot really understand.” Because they do not feel remorse, they will make empty promises and compliments such as “You are the only one for me” and “I love you, I will never hurt you”. In reality, they cannot love. They are not easy to spot, either. Psychopaths walk among us on a daily basis. And even if you do uncover a psychopath, chances are you will have a hard time admitting it. They are usually handsome, charming, manipulative, and can lie with ease. Women who are in relationships with psychopaths will often pin blame on...
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