Relationship Paper

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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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Relationship Paper

A relationship between two people can have very different meanings. In some relationships such as two lovers, they can also be best of friends because they share some characteristics and qualities and have a good understanding of each other. A relationship between a parent and child has a special bond because they share love, and affection for each other no matter what the circumstances are there will always be some connection, even at its worst times. However, there are times when a relationship can go bad because there is no understanding, lack of communication, and a feeling of distance in the relationship. This may occur from mistakes or misunderstood acts from one another. It is believed that the parent-child relationship is the most influential relationship that there is. As of right now I believe that this is the relationship I must analyze more in-depth to get a full understanding of it and to just improve my daily life with them, but in particular my mother. My mother, like most Hispanics in her generation, did not grow up with half of the materialistic devices and privileges that I have had when growing up. She has come from a home that was riddled of alcohol and drug abuse. Even with those distractions at home she still managed to get straight A’s, so she says, and has had a job throughout her life since the age of 16. She says if it wasn’t for marriage and having kids she would not have dropped out of college, but she was comfortable where her family was heading and had made that decision. My mother is someone to look up to in my books because of her overcoming of obstacles that had stood in front of her like it was just taking another breath of air, and for my father, I don’t even want to start on that description. I’ll just leave it at that it is a privilege that I’m even walking this planet today.

I believe my mother perceives me as taking the resources I have around me for granted. That I am just going through...
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