Relationship of a Father and Son

Topics: Family, Father, Parent Pages: 2 (861 words) Published: October 24, 2012
In the essays "Arm Wrestling with My Father", Brad Manning and Sarah Vowell's, "Shooting Dad", they discuss the relationship between the author and their fathers. After reading both essays you can see that the relationships between the author and fathers are similar yet different. Manning's fathers way of saying I love you or I understand you is through beating him at arm wrestling, going to his lacrosse games, and torturing him with tight hugs to the point to where he was gasping for air. The moment where everything changed was the day Manning finally won his first arm wrestling match, his father gained some respect towards him and they both learned valuable lessons. One was manning learned that his father was a great parent in his own way and his father learned that being rough isn't the only way you can show affection to your son. On the other hand, in "Shooting Dad”, Sarah Vowell describes the political differences her and he father have. In the house she states that one was a republican and the other was a democratic (171). Every time they would try to start a normal conversation they would end up arguing, and having discussions of who beat who. In the end she matures and realizes that they both are actually very alike. Communication is not as easy as it seems but if you take the time to listen and pay attention to details in life you’ll find that your parents’ views aren’t so far off of yours. The fathers' competitive side was his way of showing his communicative relationship with his son. Manning used to be able to enjoy a relaxed game of arm wrestling with his father before but as time passed everything became more real and competitive. He states, "I always had to lose ' Want to try it again?' he would ask, grinning....and with squinting eyes he would laugh at me, a high laugh, through his perfect white teeth" (163). The relationship between the father and son was a physical rough relationship. The attitude of the father impedes the communication to...
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