Relationship of Two Main Characters in the Story Book “Back to the Dreamtime”

Topics: Character, Interpersonal relationship, Australia Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: May 8, 2013
In this novel “Back To The Dreamtime” written by H.Q. Mitchell, Richard is a teenage Aboriginal boy raised in white Australian society. His journey begin when he found the aboriginal decoration when he and his brother cleaning the attic. Then, Richard becomes more curious about the aboriginal decoration that is a late father. Richard with his brother and his best friend go to journey of self-discovery by looking the background of Richard from.

Richard is a main character in this story. He is an orphan which lost his father when he is 2 years old. Then, he was adopted by the kind Mcdonald family and they love Richard so much and take a good care about him. At night, he always get the same dream and he can’t remember what the dream he had. Richard also a curious person when he found the strange package at the attic, he decided to open it. Other than that, Richard learn how to be patient when he should wait for Tjurunga fot meet him.

The two main characters that I have chosen in the “Back to The Dreamtime” novel are Richard and Bradley because their characteristics and what they had done in this novel deeply touched my heart. The relationship between this two main characters is so closed because they like to share information and knowledge to each other, doing activities together, and also helping with each other.

The first relationship that I want to highlight between Richard and Bradley is the information that they had share among them. Bradley shouted out Richard name at Arcade and tell Richard about a good news of class camp at Alice Springs. At the same time, we also can see how caring Bradley towards Richard. The prove here is when Bradley did not see Richard at the class on that day, Bradley ask Richard where he go.

The second relationship is they always doing activity together. In chapter 3, Richard and Bradley skip their classes then go to their favourite place for watching the surfers battling the waves and ocean. Although this is not a good...
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