Relationship of the Two Main Characters in the Novel 'Back to the Dreamtime'

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Back to the Dreamtime
Journal Entry 1

The two main character in this storybook are Richard and Tom. A relationship between Richard and Tom is they are very closed sibling or very friendly. Richard is an adopted son of the McDonald’s family. McDonald have two children. They are Tom and Judy. In this story we can see that Tom treated Richard so nicely like Richard was his true brother although he knows that Richard was only an adopted brother. We also can see that both of them are closed. For example, every morning Richard and his brother Tom were sitting beside the railway tracks before go to school. They had talked about the future. Next, Richard is closed with Tom. For example, Richard, Tom and their friend Bradley left the school group secretly to go to the favourite place during the break. So, in this statement, it state that Tom and Richard always be together to go some place. Beside that, Tom is very caring to his brother Richard. For example Tom wanted to come along with Richard to go to Alice Spring to help Richard find more information about his aboriginal life. Although Tom has no connection with Richard’s life but he is willing to sacrifice his break time and not going for holiday to come along with Richard. In addition, Tom is a good friend for his brother Richard. For example, when Richard look so confused, Tom come to give Richard some advice such as Tom told Richard that not to give up. Then, Richard must face up to who you really are and he have to come to terms with his new world. Richard also must to be a strong person. So, this advice make Richard feel happy.

Richard make Tom as his good listener and counselor. Richard share his problem to his brother Tom. For...
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