Relationship Observation: Discussion Questions

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  • Published : March 3, 2011
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Relationship Observation Discussion Questions

Based on your teacher-child 5-10 minute observation, answer the following questions. A short paragraph of 5-6 sentences is required for each question. Spelling and grammar DO COUNT! Please submit your assignment to the Observation #1 Assignment Dropbox on WebCampus.


1.In what way does the teacher show respect for the child? Give 2 specific examples.
One way the teacher shows respect to the child is she stops whatever she is doing at the time and gives the child her full attention. Anytime a child has a question about something or is talking to her, the child has her full attention. Another way the teacher respects the child is she lets the child set the pace. She doesn’t force anything upon the child. For example, if the child doesn’t seem like her or she is ready to participate in an activity they are doing, she states, “it’s ok you can join us when are ready.”

2.How does the teacher help nurture his/her relationship with the child? Give at least 2 examples.
One way the teacher helps nurture her relationship with the child is though reading to her. Nevaha loves when someone reads to her, I have experienced this myself, I believe I read about five books to her on my first day in the classroom. Another way the teacher helps nurture her relationship with Nevaha is by providing a family like environment, and nit just for Nevaha, but all the children in her class.

3.Why is it important that the teacher shows the child respect and nurturance?
Nurturing is probably the single best predictor that a child will turn out successfully. Nurturance builds self-esteem, it develops attachment, and it also allows children to become disciplined. It also helps build a relationship between the child and teacher. If the teacher is able to provide a loving and nurturing setting for the child, the child is probably more likely to feel secure.

4.The video Getting in Tune: Creating Nurturing...
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