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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Relationships. some aren't as fragile as others some tend to be very solid. nine out of twenty relationships, will last. When you're younger you tend to think that everything last forever but in reality not everything does. You have to strive and work at your relationship everyday in order for it to be part of that nine still standing. It takes aloot of time and effort, it's something you work at everyday.

When you're in a relationship there's thre main rules, stay faithful, respect your partner, and don't neglect them. Staying faithful. It's not hard at all in fact if you care enough for your partner and your relationship is meant to last stay faithful will be the easiest thing you'll face in your relationship. Infideliaty although it can seem harmless can destroy your partner, and even their future relationships. It make you out to be someone unworthy. It can ruin your reputation and maybe even your future relationships as well . When someone in your future reflects on your past they'll begin to fear that you will do the same thing to them, and that could become an issue in your relationship.

Respect your partner. respect their feelings towards something, think before you react. always put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel if your partner did the things you plan on doing/saying ? You should always respect their feeling because in a relationship feelings is the heart of the entire realtionship , thats what it's based on to begin with. If you do not have respect for your partner then sorry to put this but you don't deserve them ! like the saying you hear from you teachers, parents, or etc " to get respect you've got to give respect.

Do not neglect your partner ! i can not stress this enough. when you neglet someone they feel unwanted, un-needed , and unloved. therefore theyll find the attention they desire with someone else. along with giving them attention in some cases they might need some space , you have to know when and when not to smother...
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