Relationship Characteristics

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Human sexuality, Intimate relationship Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: May 21, 2011
1. According to p. 117 in Ch. 5 of the textbook, what are the four characteristics that define intimate relationships? Why does building relationships involve a degree of risk? The four characteristics that define intimate relationships are emotional availability, emotional attachment, and behavioral interdependence. When you meet someone new rather it is an intimate relationship or building a new friendship, it is always hard because you have to build trust and get to know that person. Then there is always the possibility of rejection, betrayal, or disappointment. People’s expectations sometimes set them up to be hurt and then sometimes their expectations are "reasonable" but the other person is just hurtful. Whenever 2 people are involved, you have but so much control over what will happen 2.Refer to Table 5.2 on p. 132 in Ch. 5 of the textbook. What are three characteristics of a healthy relationship? Why is it important to be aware of the unhealthy characteristics of a relationship? Three characteristics of a healthy relationship are trusting and being honest with yourself and each other, resolving conflicts in a rational, peaceful way, and lastly practicing safer sex methods. It is important to beware of the signs of unhealthy characteristics for yourself and also for maybe a loved one or a friend. When someone is in a unhealthy relationship sometimes it can lead to more violent things such as suicide, death, or any act of violence. So knowing the signs in the long run can help saving a life.

3.According to p. 119 in Ch. 5 of the textbook, there are bonds that are common to both friends and lovers. What are the five common bonds? The five common bonds that both friends and lovers have in common are nurturance, enhancement of personal well- being, mutual regard, mutual trust, and lastly security.
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