Relationship Between the Use of Ict and the Rise in Sales.

Topics: Marketing, Customer service, Financial services Pages: 3 (1134 words) Published: January 23, 2013

CIFF 30/12/2012

-Relationship between the use of ICT and the rise in sales.
The new ICT introduction in the 90s transformed the organizational structure for companies and the financial sector was one of the most affected. This change brought aggressive competition, new regulatory issues. Some companies would have to experiment a radical change while introducing ICTS to their company, changing almost everything in its structure, Renta4 is an example of this. The reduction of structure, administrative and logistical costs have been decreasing in the past years due to incurring in ICT resources. The online business allowed companies to reduce costs and increase revenues for the companies, and reduce price for the clients due to increased competence. This was an advantage and the main reason of the rise in sales it was because of more exposure to a new kind of clients, Renta4 became a massive transactional service provider for the internet users, some of them haven't previously using this technologies, so the strategy to "train" its clients and provide them with analytical studios to support their financial decisions, made renta4 a customer oriented ICT company that cared about customer loyalty, through this type of learning process and commitment to support their clients. A study paper said that the financial sectors in the EU are quite similar in terms of efficiency and that efficiency and productivity depends much more on human capital than on physical capital. Learning-by-doing and learning-by-using are more decisive elements in shaping the productivity growth path than ICT investment alone, which can leave managers and employees overwhelmed by the complexity and needs of structural adjustments in the companies’ organization. (Erber, Madlener ) Nowadays we focus on two main ways of selling financial products on the internet: B2B and B2C. There are subtle differences in content marketing...
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