Relationship Between Students Personality Traits and Their Academic Achievement

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Personality psychology, Trait theory Pages: 14 (4461 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Relationship between Students’ Personality Traits and their Academic Achievement in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Dr. Safdar Rehman Ghazi
Assistant Professor/Director Institute of Education & Research UST Bannu (KPK)

Mr. Gulap Shahzada
Institute of Education & Research UST Bannu (KPK)

Saif Ullah
Institute of Education & Research UST Bannu (KPK)

Theoretical framework of this study based on Big Five Personality Trait Theory (Cattell’s & Eysenck’s 1973). Objectives of the study were: i) to find out different personality traits (as described in five factor theory) of secondary school students ii) to identify the relationship between students different personality traits and their overall academic achievement iii) to give recommendations in order to improve the situation and for further research. Descriptive survey design was used for this study. All the 12009 students of secondary schools constituted the population of the study, 800 students were selected through multistage random sampling method using proportional allocation technique as a sample of the study. A self developed questionnaire was used as a research instrument. Personally collected data was entered in SPSS-16. Percentage, Mean, Standard Deviation and Pearson Product Moment Correlation were applied as statistical tests to achieve the objectives of the study.

Results of the study revealed that no significant relationship was found between the students personality traits and their academic achievement. The researcher recommended other variables like mother and father educational qualifications, mother tongue, medium of instruction and family type for further research studies in order to know their effect on students personality traits and academic achievement.

Keywords: Personality Traits, Academic Achievement, Extroversion, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Neuroticism, Openness to Experience

Personality is not a common property; in philosophic sense personality is systematized and disciplined self. Personality can be defined from two sides. (i) Personality from the inside, this is the hopes, aspiration, dreams and goals.(ii) Personality from the outside, this is that others think you are in terms of self-confidence, integrity, sociability, creativity and charms. Many Students are differ in their personal values and they process information in different ways, their personality traits are different and also their understanding. Personality traits are necessary for people to be successful in their life. Personality has been recognized as a determining factor on how people learn (Lawrence, 1997; Myer et al, 1998). Human personality and achievement are the most important issues of personality and educational psychology. Human beings are biological organisms living in a particular environment. It has long been believed that the psychological influence of environment on the development of personality is very important. Individuals come across various psychosocial problems, causing feelings of anxiety and frustration. These feelings may be due to their identity crises, vocational selection, peer pressure, relationships and expected or un-expected responsibilities. They all behave differently in different situations and try to resolve these problems on their own. When they fail to overcome their problems, they feel frustrated, which further affects their overall performance. In the present study the focal point is to provide scientific support to the notion that there are strong relationships of certain personality variables with students’ academic achievement. In developing countries like Pakistan where the literacy rate is very low and people come from different socio-economic backgrounds. It becomes imperative to study the factors that influence the performance of the individuals in their educational achievement. It is also important to know...
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