Relationship Between Public and Private Police

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  • Published : January 16, 2011
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Relationship between Public and Private Police
Marsha Dailey
Axia College at University of Phoenix

Many years ago the public police were those who were responsible for keeping the peace, and making sure that society was kept safe within the jurisdiction that they patrol. Private security at one time was not very popular because of the cost that a company or citizen would have to pay, and many years ago many people could not afford to have private security watch the properties or companies.

Today private security and public police can be found working together to keep society safe. These two types of security can be found at numerous places such as school events, sporting events, and stores. Most of the security officers who are working at school or other events are usually off-duty police officers. Different areas within the United States have been found to allow security officers to have the same level of arresting powers as public police officers. This can be the lack of public officers available to protect the public.

The training that the security officers are required to obtain versus public police officers is much different. Most times private security officers are only required to have a one state background check, drug test, and obtain a FOID card. The training that a public police officer must obtain is much more extensive. The typical training and screening usually consists of an extensive background check, psychological exam, physical fitness test, and the applicants must also have a minimum level of college credits.

As time has went on private security companies are realizing that the need for better training of the security officers is becoming essential over time. Making sure private security officers are better trained can help the companies to obtain more contracts, and expanding their company to more areas. This will also help the private security industry to compete with the public officers.

Public police officers are in...
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