Relationship Between Music and Poetry

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  • Published : October 16, 2010
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Music and poetry both are used to describe experiences and express feelings. They are very similar. Both music and poetry tell of feelings or situations that are meaningful to the singer or author, speak to every level of emotion. Music and poetry are very closely linked. There are many examples of poets who have turned their poems into musical lyrics, and there are many poems are created to be sung out. The famous one is Shakespeare. Many of his Sonnets have been turned into songs. In middle age, the minstrels are the people who traveled from place to place, and combined the arts of poetry and music. They recited and sang poetry to the accompaniment of a lute, harp or other instrument. Today, rap is a very good example that includes the elements of music and poetry. It is made up of rhythm, rhyme, sometimes alliteration and many other poetic attributes. When I listen to the music of rock and roll, I would associate it with peace, freedom, love, or resistance. Music is an attitude that responds to the life, especially rock and roll. It is a spiritual expression, showing the creator’s belief, same as the poetry. So I would say, music with its idea is simply poetry, they both tell of love, joy, sadness, or criticism of life. Many formal relationships exist between the two modes of expression. For example, musical songs have to be rhythmic, and traditional poetry has the same format. Rhythm is what makes music as well as poetry, and commonly used musical rhythms have served as the foundation to form a poem. Furthermore, musical song and poetry are required a skill to use of words and rhyming, the worlds engage the listeners and readers on an emotional level, provide them a visual image. Both music and poetry rely on the potent use of language and the effective use of descriptive imagery. Rhyme and rhythm provide the beauty of music to poetry. Words expand the imaginary space. A French writer Voltaire has stated, “Poetry is the music of...
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