Relationship Between Management and Leadership

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  • Published : May 25, 2011
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Understand the relationship between strategic management and leadership

Strategic management refers to the coordination of material, human, financial and technological resources of an organisation to enable it and all its stakeholders to achieve their stipulated goals in an effectively and efficiently. Leadership is the process of organising, supporting and directing the individuals in an organisation with the aim of influencing them to work in pursuit of the goals and missions of an organisation. The two terms are inseparable and are therefore used interchangeably in strategic management. Strategic management and leadership are closely linked hence making it difficult to differentiate between the two. Strategic management involves proper planning, organisation of activities, controlling of the organisations activities so that the missions and goals can be met effectively and motivation of the employees and other stakeholders for the success of the organisation (Adeniyi 36). All these activities are impossible without a proper leadership in the organisation. The leaders are delegated with the duty of setting the goals of an organisation and making decisions on the best way of achieving them. They also organise the resources and staff group activities in the best way possible for proper performance. The leaders correct and monitor the activities going on in the organisation to ease the process of goal attainment. It is the duty of leaders to motivate the employees so that they can perform their duties with the interest of the organisation at heart. They make decision on the best leadership style to be implemented in the performance of the various activities so as to meet the expected results. Under strategic management the employees work just to comply with the goals directed by those in the authority. Although the employees achieve their expected goals, it is evidenced that majority of them comply externally and fail to internalise the goals...
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