Relationship Between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

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Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are truly partners - united by what seemed to be like their conspiracy to kill our beloved King Duncan.

We have recently been sent a recording of a conversation between Macbeth and his wife by an anonymous person which have given us the most shocking news and led us to wonder how dominant Lady Macbeth is over Macbeth.

It is crystal clear that Lady Macbeth was influential in Macbeth’s horrendous act of killing the King. She feared that Macbeth was “full of th’ milk of human kindness”. Knowing her husband is ambitious but lacking ruthlessness, she had begged the spirits to “unsex her here and fill her from the crown to the toe with direst cruelty” so she wouldn’t feel guilty for the crime she was persuading her husband to commit.

She had told Macbeth to “look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under’t” and leave the rest to her, this shows that she was concocting the whole plan.

Lady Macbeth was trying to appeal Macbeth’s ambitious side by telling him he could and would be the king if this simple deed of killing the king were done. Macbeth then argues with his conscience on whether to kill the king or not, trapped by the delusion of ambitious virtue. Although he had many more reasons to not kill the king like his loyalty towards the king or the fact that since Macbeth is King Duncan’s host, Macbeth was to be the one saving him from the murderer than to be the murderer himself. Macbeth also argues saying that King Duncan is a king worthy of the loyalty of all his subjects and doesn’t deserve to die.

However, one the other hand “he has no spur, but only vaulting ambition which o’erleaps itself”. This causes him to realize that killing King Duncan is a bad idea and he does not want to “go anything further in this business”.

When Lady Macbeth became aware of his apprehensions, she accused Macbeth of being a coward and not sticking to what he had said previously. Then she blackmailed him emotionally, saying that...
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