Relationship Between High Heel and Women

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Relationship Between High Heel and Women.

I believe high-heeled shoe is every little girl’s dream when she was young. There definitely a time in every girl’s childhood when she wear her mother’s high-heeled shoes for fun.”Mummy, can I wear your high heel, please.” Does this question sound familiar? I am sure most little girls request this of their mothers. Or some of them will stealthily wear their mother’s high heels at home. They always hope they can grow up faster so that they can wear their own pairs of high heels.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of high heels. It’s like another type of cosmetics for women although not applied on face, still functions like a “confidence booster” for every woman. High-heeled shoes can like to a drug for women and they are so irresistible.

High heels are an essential thing for most women. It is undeniably an integral part of a woman’s life. High-heeled shoes have been a prominent fixture in the fashion world and they have been around for centuries. Most women love high heels but some of them don’t. But I believe most of them fall somewhere in the middle, forming a love/hate relationship with high heels.

Lady Gaga for one sensationalizes the different and unique styles of high heels in the fashion world. For those who ever watch Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” music video, for sure will notice her fantastic high heel . She was wearing a 12-inch super high armadillo heels which designed is by Alexander McQueen. It looks fabulous But it seems too risky for our beloved foot..

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, bunions, corns, callous, toe stress even sprained ankles can result from heels that are too high.

Doctors, who specialize in caring for the feet and ankles, see no value in wearing high heels which can be defined as pumps with heels of more than two inches. These doctors claim that ‘high-heels’ contribute to knee and back problem, injuries, shortened calf muscles and awkward gait....
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