Relationship Between Guns and Crime

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  • Published : February 22, 2007
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Relationship between Guns and Crime

Over the past decade or so, crime has been on a constant decrease. Most of which has to do with increased law enforcement and stricter policies on the sales of guns. Many people believe that guns are the sole reason that crimes are committed. Some research proves that belief wrong, yet other statistics can argue the exact opposite. In America, gun ownership is about three out of every ten people. A majority of these people included in the 33% that actually have guns, are said to only use them for hunting, protection, or a feeling of safety. In a scenario in which a gun is used to commit a crime, it hardly resembles the populous of the 33% gun ownership rate that is seen in the poll. This is mostly due to the fact of the general population which is underage, being able to get a hold of a weapon illegally for homicidal use. One example would be the Columbine shooting. All of the bullets were purchased at a local retail store but the guns could not have been vended out to the underage teenagers. Instead they were purchased by older people with the availability to buy the gun for the minor. Here the illegally possessed guns are not counted in the statistic stated above. It is easy to see how guns and crime can be easily related when people that are not certified or allowed to have a weapon do have use of it, it is extremely dangerous and most usually results in homicide or very serious injury due to the fact of either low to no experience and no official background check has been performed. I personally believe that guns DO increase the rate of crime in a domino effect. However some polls comparing the homicide rates in other countries can also backup the fact that guns do not necessarily have any relationship with crime. For instance, the United States has the third highest homicide rate in the world, next to China being first, and then India (second). People in America tend to feel a right in owning a gun. The second...
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