Relationship Between Fertility Rates and Education Background in Women: Quantitative Analysis

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  • Published: April 29, 2012
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It has come to our attention that in developed countries the birth rate has been decreasing with the years. This trend is however not limited to developed countries but is also present in emerging countries, like Mexico. One of the main reasons for this decline is said to be the postponement of marriage among young people. Obtaining a higher education could lead young women to remain unmarried in their twenties. Increasing possibilities to achieve a higher education and therefore working in an appealing job has become increasingly attractive to young women. This change in values also contributed to the increase in unmarried singles in their twenties. However, it is also possible that the influence of one’s family background is the crucial factor, since people with a higher socioeconomic standing will more easily attain higher levels of education than those who do not. There is also the question whether differences in occupational status achieved through higher education influence reproductive behavior and whether education has an indirect effect in reproductive behavior.

We have reasons to believe that the declining fertility rate in developed countries is closely associated with the increase in women with a higher education. Examples for this kind of phenomenon are Italy, Japan, France, etc.

In this study we therefore decided to investigate in the relationship between the level of education and the fertility rate in Mexico. As Mexico is an emerging market with an increasing economy it is also of interest to find out if a higher level of education is negatively correlated with the birth rate like in developed countries.

Having skilled and trained labor force is becoming increasingly important in order to have a booming economy. Therefore observing the educational trend in Mexico is crucial.

Objective of the Study

The main concern in this study is to investigate in the relationship between the increase of women with...
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