Relationship Between China and Bangladesh

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The Relationship between Bangladesh and China

Structure of the paper
Title| Page Number|
1.Preamble | 03|
| |
2. Significant of China-Bangladesh Relationship| 04| | |
3. History of China-Bangladesh Relations| 05-07|
| |
4. Political Relations in Different Regimes| 08-20|
| |
5.Starting of Bilateral Relations| 21|
| |
6.Bilateral Contacts and Cooperation| 22-29| | |
7. Opening New Era of Prospect for Bangladesh| 29-32| | |
8. Future Options for Bangladesh & Long Term Strategic Impacts| 33-34| | |
9. China-Bangladesh Relations: Effect to India| 35-36|
| |
10. Challenges & Limitations| 36-39|
| |
11. Recommendations for further Progress| 39-40|
| |
12.Conclusion| 41| | |

'We're tested friends, tested by time…we are all-weather friends and we trust each other and we've cooperation in every field.’

Chinese Ambassador Mr. Zhang Xianyi in October, 2009.
"China and Bangladesh are close and friendly neighbors. The China-Bangladesh friendly relationship and cooperation have enjoyed continuous growth over the 35 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations."

years since the establishment of diplomatic relations."

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping

Source: and Bangladesh were committed to establishing “a comprehensive and cooperative partnership of long-term friendship, equality and mutual benefits.”

Said by: Premier Wen Jiabao
During the visit to Bangladesh in April 2005“The Year of Friendship”.

Bangladesh and China enjoy profound friendship dating back to ancient time. In those days, Bangladesh was the region which had the closest communications with China in the entire subcontinent. The People’s Republic of China and the People’s Republic of Bangladesh officially established diplomatic relations on October 4, 1975 which opened up a new page in the friendship and cooperation among the two countries. Over the 37 years, China emerged in a big way as a significant development partner of Bangladesh. The relationship between this two countries have moved ahead steadily in spite of profound changes in the domestic politics of both countries and major international developments during the last three decades. China has emerged as a reliable partner to Bangladesh, extending economic, military and diplomatic support, while at the same time attempting to gain a strategic foothold in South Asia and benefit from Bangladesh’s natural resources. Bangladesh-China friendship has not only endured for the last 37 years, it has also significantly contributed to the larger South Asian landscape. It has weathered the vicissitudes of both domestic and international political changes and it is to be hoped that it would successfully continue to do so in the future. My paper provides the detail portrayal regarding China-Bangladesh strategic and bilateral relationship along with up to date developments in Sino-Bangladesh relations and their implication for our country as well as some challenges, limitations and achievements of these countries and some recommendations for further enhancement of cooperative relations between Bangladesh and China.

Why the Relationship with China is Significant for Bangladesh?
Relationship with China is important for Bangladesh because since establishing diplomatic relations three decades ago, Bangladesh-China friendship has come a long way and despite the radical changes that have occurred...
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