Relationship Analysis Paper

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  • Published : September 20, 2012
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Relationship Analysis Paper
A number of well-thought out socio-culture proverbs, which highlight the cultural values of mankind by spotting on the fact that the quality of life lies within the quality of relationships we have, actually refer to the depths of social associations that the masses possess and extract out the true essence of human life in relation to the social surroundings humans are engrossed with. This reveals that a true relationship is when one loves for the sake of loving and not for achieving some desired outcomes. Love is all about selflessness and relationships are all about nurturing true feelings of esteem and affections for others. Relationships do not require explanations but can be deemed as the phenomena which make people laugh with others and not at others; cry for others but never make others cry, and adore others but never expect rewards from them. All in all, it can be presumed that relationships are the true reflections of a person’s inner soul. As what you think so you shall, therefore, think high to experience high in your relationships. Though, all relationships are of similar significance but till now, no comparison for the mother-son core and fundamental associations have been presented by any researcher, scholar, expert, intellectual, psychologist or social thinker. It is rightly said that a moment when a women gives birth to a new life is actually the moment when she, herself, feels alive with an entirely new soul of a “mother” and that is why a mother always has eternal love for her children. Her charismatic presence itself intensely affects the complete life of her young ones and therefore, her value in a child’s life is indispensible and irreplaceable. Perhaps, a mother equally adores all her children, regardless of the apparent peculiarity of gender; but it has been observed very often that daughters are always inclined towards her father, whereas, a son is nearer to his mother. This composition is devoted for an emotional mother-son relationship which, somehow, has been caught by some situational and communicational gaps and differences. In fact, it is the story of “Me (a mother) and My Son – Jack.” How these communicational gaps could be overcome is the agenda focused here and in due course, three communicational theories are being suggested which can work like a catalyst for avoiding these gaps. These three most applicable communication concepts in relationships are 1) the field theory, 2) the social exchange theory and 3) the social system theory (Casmir 224). These theories, with respect to this scenario, will be discussed later in this paper. We should communicate

In this section, my utmost intentions are to identify why it is so important to communicate with my son, Jack? What could be the aftermaths of poor communication between us? How the above-stated communicational concepts can perk up our relationship that has been led somewhere behind because of our certain issues and quarrels. Before going into the depths of my apprehensions regarding the weak relationship which I share with my son, I would like to shed light on the brief introduction of my son’s personal scenarios which might have caused these differences between us. Well, Jack is a grown-up man as has spent almost 33 years of his life and now he is married, having two children and apparently leading a sweet happy life with his ideal family. But, where I am? Why he is indifferent to me? What causes his ignorance and what can overcome this lacking communication between the two of us? Well, these and many other questions usually come up in my mind and shake me to realize where things went wrong. The three theories, which I have taken into account, are meant to make things better for us. First theory, the field theory, reveals that human-transmitted signals are responsible to create a field within his surroundings....
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