Relationship Analysis of Wedding Crashers

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Relationship Analysis of Wedding Crashers

Love is complicated, and there’s no denying the amount of effort it requires to have something real, none of that puppy dog crap. People seem to forget that the beginning to all deep, intimate relationships is the very first step. It all begins with that first look, and that first smile, and that first laugh. Like a marionette to a manipulator, someone snatches your heart with Cupid’s arrow and makes you dance. Your every thought, action, perception on life is altered for as long this person controls you. If there’s a chance, every living molecule in your body will tell you to chase your heart, and to go and win it all. In the movie Wedding Crashers, such feelings captivate John Beck (Owen Wilson), and in this essay, we’ll explore his journey to the heart of Claire Cleary (Rachel McAdams).

Wedding Crashers tells the tale of John and his friend Jeremy (Vince Vaugn) who both, using fake identities, attend weddings uninvited (crashing). The goal for these men is to charm vulnerable women (who are infatuated by the spirit of true love), and to ultimately get them into bed for a one-night stand. After a string of successful crashes, Jeremy takes John to a wedding headed by the U.S Secretary of State, William Cleary (Christopher Walken). Here, John meets Claire and is instantly stunned by her demeanor. Claire is characterized as a sweet girl who works as a full-time environmentalist. John, who by definition is a playboy, finds out there’s more to life than free food, free drinks, and free girls. Breaking the “wedding crashing rules” of never chasing a “broad”, John goes the whole mile (and then some) to attain Claire’s heart. The long journey of lasting relationships starts with the first step.

In the initiating phase of John and Claire’s relationship, John (as always) is a big hit at the wedding, even able to strike up a conversation with Claire’s father, giving a warm funny first impression. After being indirectly...
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