Relationship Analysis

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Relationship Analysis Final Paper

Adv. Interpersonal Communications

May 9, 2010

Relationship Analysis
I am using my own personal relationship to analyze. I was in a relationship for approximately four years and lived with Wes for two years. He has influenced me more than any other relationship in my life. He has helped me shape my future and the direction of my everyday life from routine day to a caring experience. I do not live with him now, nor do I contact him much anymore. Once in a while we will have a conversation on a social networking site; but he shapes my thoughts, guides my actions and moulds my behavior. I met him when I was fifteen, and the very first meeting had the power to draw me into his world, a world made of ethics, discipline and dedication. He was only two years older than me and he was my tumbling coach. I was a gymnast for thirteen years prior. There was an invisible pull and magnetic draw which could not be ignored or dismissed, it really had to be followed through with sincerity in heart and natural opportunity which presented itself to reinforce and strengthen the relationship. At first, I knew nothing could of it, but eventually it did. Our parental guardians let us get together with supervision for almost six months, before my parents agreed it was okay for us to start dating. About a year and a half later I was emancipated there were issues inside my family that granted this decision but now I had to move out. I was almost seventeen when we moved in together and soon after we got engaged. When I was twenty we bought a house and began planning our wedding. He still influenced my thinking, with his words which had become part of me, his actions which were guided by invisible strings which made me act the way he would have acted. It was nearly three months before our wedding when a couple friends of our got married before us and had their bachelor and bachelorette parties. A few days later Lauren the bride said she had something she had to show me. We went inside and watched a video of m fiancé cheating on me. Later that evening I calmly confronted him and asked him to explain and he replied there is nothing to explain. I ended up moving out the very next day. I was young and impressionable but now I realize from this class that we have different love styles and attachment styles. Present day there are no rules, no commitments and no connection, yet we were closely and deeply connected. I was closer to him than my entire family, and he had taught me a lot. He made me explore the deep dimensions of my own character and personality which who I am today. It is interesting to evaluate, analyze and test my relationship which is the foundation of my life in the light of the specific theories which have developed my relation to the communication and relationship. My experience and my identity are created as part of my personal experience, shaping the course of my growth and advancement of my character. Communication was the key to our relationship, communication through words, through subtle responses and understanding messages. Interpersonal relationships are the basis of any growth and advancement in the personal life, and the foundation of all relationships is communication. The knowledge and interpretation of communication theories seem to have a link in the essence of the relationship, it seems one or more theories fit into some context in my own personal theory. I have identified that our attachment styles were different which presents the psychological, evolutionary, and ethological theory concerning relationships between humans; an emotional bond between two or more individuals. The most important tenet of attachment theory is that a young child needs to develop a relationship with at least one primary caregiver for social and emotional development to occur normally, or without this care, the child will often face permanent psychological and social impairment. There are three...
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