Relationship Abuse: Experience and Effect

Topics: Abuse, Domestic violence, Child abuse Pages: 4 (1331 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Relationship Abuse: Experience and Effects

Blood, squirted across the ceiling, was the catalyst for her activism. Halle Berry has had a very successful acting career, one that is hopefully very far from being finished. She has not had a very successful dating career, one that has hopefully taken a drastic turn for the better. There are many actors and actresses who advocate humanitarian actions or who support certain beliefs, but few do so with the resolve that Halle Berry possess. Halle Berry is as dedicated to her cause as she is because of her personal experience (Halle Berry).

Abuse is much more complex than one may imagine. Only those who have experienced abuse in a relationship can truly understand its intricacy. One of the things that is not understood by those who have not been involved with abuse is that there are different types. Abuse can be physical, mental, or sexual. Physical abuse is the most well-known form of abuse, but it is not the most common. Physical abuse involves unwanted physical contact by a person who is attempting to cause harm. Mental abuse, although less evident, is the most common form of abuse. It is not often thought of during conversations on abuse because it can be subtle, manipulative, and less noticeable to others. The final type of abuse is sexual. Sexual abuse typically correlates with both physical and mental abuse.

Halle Berry has had the unfortunate experiences of dealing with both mental and physical abuse. She has undergone these incidents in multiple relationships. According to the article “Halle Berry: Jenesse Center” she did not end up in these relationships because she enjoys or relishes in the abuse, but that she “devalued [herself] and thought [she] wasn’t worth it. [She] chose partners that mimicked [her] father” (Halle Berry). Her mother was abused by and married to a man who was very violent and aggressive. As a child, Berry was forced to witness the violent relationship of which her mother was a part,...
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