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SAMPLE ASSIGNMENT: Authors often create characters to illustrate contrasting attitudes toward impor-tant issues. Choose one novel you have read and explain how the author uses two or more characters to represent contrasting or opposing attitudes toward something of importance to each of them.

Here is how you might use two characters in To Kill a Mockingbird to respond to the above assignment.

STEPS TO FOLLOW TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD |Whenever possible, divide the assigned topic into two or more |Atticus and his sister Alexandra have different ideas about how | |subtopics. |Scout should be raised. | |For each subtopic, list as many details from the work as you can.|Atticus: keeps rules to a minimum | | |explains rules of behavior in ways that | | |Scout can understand | | |tries to teach by setting a good example | | | | | |Alexandra: expects Scout to follow tradition | | |uses her authority to enforce rules | |Write an introductory paragraph that uses the language of the |In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee uses Aunt Alexandra to | |assignment and mentions each of the subtopics you’re...
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