Relations with Stakeholders Through Corporate Social Responsability: a Study of the 100 Biggest Portuguese Companies

Topics: Sociology, Social responsibility, Corporate social responsibility Pages: 26 (4071 words) Published: January 6, 2013
International Conference on Social e-xperience, Barcelona, 3-4 July 2012

Sofia Gaio1, Bruno Graça2 and Filipa Oliveira3
1 University Fernando Pessoa,
2 University Fernando Pessoa,
3 University Fernando Pessoa,

Organizations have been progressively integrating more and more the social responsibility in their management practices.
In this paper we will try to show the changes that have occurred on the 100 biggest companies in Portugal, between 2007 and 2011, analysing their performance in what matters to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

This research was conducted, following the guidelines of the Global Report Initiative (GRI), which allow us to identify the performance in terms of answers given to various aspects such as environment, labour practices, human rights, society and product liability. It is important to understand that nowadays, more than ever before, the companies are looking more and more deeply to the questions related to CSR, as it can be used as a mean to establish themselves as a key player on the community they’re in. The first study made in 2007 has achieved some interesting points regarding the kind of reports that each sector does. It was possible to verify that the sector of industrial products distribution was the one that most reported in terms of society and environmental performance, the constructions and public works sector, in terms of labour practices and human rights, and at last, but not least, the transport sector, in terms of reporting product liability. As the world evolves every day, so the concerns about this topic also change. The companies need, and should, to change their politics, and the areas in which they should invest their efforts with CSR.

In this paper we will be analysing the differences between what the companies were doing in 2007, and what they have done in 2011. This aims to seek if they have been progressively updating their role on this matter, what they have been doing, and what they can do next. Key Words: Corporate Social Responsibility. Global Report Initiative. Sustainability. 1. INTRODUCTION

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility has been gaining notability in the past few years.
Nowadays we are seeing more and more companies looking to this subject even more closely, what can be seen by the growing number of companies that are trying to implement, practices of Social Responsibility on their activities.

The companies should be aware that, to be well-succeeded, they can’t aim profit as their only purpose. To achieve a well-succeeded activity, they should also take into consideration the investment in social responsibility practices.


Being this an actual and important topic, we decided to analyse the performance in terms of CSR of the 100 biggest Portuguese companies, analysing even more deeply the ones that follow the guidelines of the GRI.

The GRI guidelines gives us performance indicators, which incorporate aspects such as environmental issues, work labour practices, human rights, society and product liability. The investigation problem that this study tries to give response to is: 

Which is the performance of the 100 biggest Portuguese companies, concerning with reports of their social responsibility practices?

As this is a subject so immense, we decided to establish the following procedural goals, in order to define and direct our analysis:

Analyse the dimensions that constitute CSR;
Analyse the dimensions in the universe of the 100 biggest Portuguese companies Interpret their performance and results;
Verify the percentage of answers given by the companies to the different performance indicators that GRI stands for;
Analyse the percentage of answers given to the different performance indicators that GRI...
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