Relation Between Educating Rita and Bend It Like Beckham

Topics: Bend It Like Beckham, Discovery, Marriage Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Bend it like Beckham and Educating Rita could relate in these ways •In Bend it like Beckham the Indian tradition of women getting married, having children and taking on domestic duties-e.g. cooking etc. relates to Rita how she is expected to live in the same sort of way but wants to break away from that social status and live her own life. •The scene where Jesminder first plays soccer with the team. The coach asks her "where do you play?" and she replies "in the park.” It shows her naivety this relates to educating Rita when Frank and Rita first met and frank asks" and you are?" Rita: “I’m what" the characters are not aware of the context of the situation. •Both Rita & Jesminder are struggling with their backgrounds/culture as they try and break out of the stereotypes they are moulded too e.g. Rita as a working class woman, as a wife etc. and Jesminder as a young Indian woman (though as you see in the movie there's expectations from her family and the other Indian girls of the neighbourhood - but she's too 'tomboyish') •Both have tried to be the expectations of their families & friends in the past where they didn't exactly 'fail' but it wasn't the right path for them, where ultimately they both realise the need for change in their life. •Frank & Jesminders dad and her coach, Joe all realise life is about living, where Rita & Jesminder act as a catalyst for change in their lives e.g. Frank ends up deciding on the sabbatical leave from work to go to Australia where we see him changed in that he lets Rita cut his hair, he throws away the drink etc... As for Jesminder's Dad who's suffered racism in the past, in the end he finally accepts his daughter’s decisions and we see him taking up cricket again in the final scene. As for the coach he mends things with his father and takes a chance with Jesminder! •Both Rita & Jesminder are determined and driven to continue with their 'education' [of both the English language & soccer]. •In the end both have discovered...
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