Related Literature of Learning Process

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This chapter will discuss different relater literature associated in this study to differentiate each type factors influencing the learning of the student On Attitude
According to Dizon, attitude as we use in term parts. A cognitive elements what we think or believe, an effective or feeling element how to react emotionally to a person, object or issue and finally, a behavior element, a tendency to do about belief or feeling

The related literature means that attitude is very important basis to have efficient learning. It helps the student cooperate to the discussion.

On competencies
According to dizon, competence gives sense self-esteem, and that we already seen, is a high and important step in Maslow’s hierarchy of motivation. If the student are competent to broaden their knowledge they have to work on it. Leaning can be fun if the student resolves a very difficult situation or problem or if they understand the very difficult subject. They will be encourage to learn harder to solve another problem.

Factors Associated with Students Themselves
According to Baillie’s (1993) study, students recognized their own approach to placements affected learning, commenting on the importance of showing an interest and taking initiative. They also found the placement role they fulfilled affected their learning,.

According to Sims (1997) students get satisfaction doing things that interest them, which promotes better learning. Consequently, better learning gives higher satisfaction.

On Mentors/ Instructor
The main concern of mentors is organizing and providing appropriate learning situations for students. The attributes of mentors are crucial to students learning.

According to Baillie (1993), student nurses perceived mentors attitudes and knowledge of students and the course, their skills in facilitating learning and mentors’ professional credibility facilitated their learning on community placements....
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