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Topics: Vacuum tube, Rectifier, Direct current Pages: 2 (293 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Name: Sarayba, Raymond James A. Group No. : 1 Subject / Sec : ECEG0109 / ETSchedule: Tuesday 12pm-3pmScore: Instructor: Engr. Marvin Y. Villorente Date Performed: Oct. 9, 2012 Laboratory Experiment No : 3

1. To be able to differentiate half-wave between full-wave rectifier. 2. To be able to demonstrate the output of a rectifier circuit.

Because of the ability to conduct current in one direction and block current in the other direction, diodes are used in circuits called rectifiers which convert AC voltage into DC voltage. Rectifiers are found in DC power supplies that operate from AC voltage source.

Half-wave rectification is the process of removing one-half the input signal to establish DC level. Half-wave rectifier contains one diode and depending on the orientation of the direction in the circuit, it may have an output at the positive or negative region of the input signal.

A full-wave rectifier allows unidirectional current through the load during the entire 360o of the input cycle. Bridge-type and center-tapped rectifiers are the type of full-wave rectifier. Bridge-type is commonly used which consists of four diodes while center-tapped consists of only two diodes.

AF Generator
Diode: 4 1N3493 Si equivalent
Resistor: 1 1kohm (1/2W)

I. Half-wave rectifier
1. Construct the circuit shown in figure 1.
2. Turn on the function generator and set out to 2V (peak), 60Hz frequency. 3. Obtain the output waveform across the 1kohm resistor using the oscilloscope which is set to 5ms/Div horizontal scale and 2V/Div vertical scale in CH1. 4. Sketch the output waveform on a graphing paper.



Half-wave rectifier


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