Related Literature About Grading System

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Chapter 1

1. Background of the study

Al Hedaya Alkhalifia is the first regular school be established in Bahrain, It's was established in 1919. The education in Bahrain was limited to education in koranic schools who are studying the Koran. However, Al Hedaya Alkhalifia was limited to the teaching the children of rich people and the owners of the important centers in the country and then become the public from the people.

It's a doubted by the ministry of education in Bahrain. as the time go the school has improved it teaching system and the activates to make the studying more effective for the student and now this school have been secondary school for boys in Moharraq.

2. Company's Current Situation

Now, the school is using a manual grading system in which they are using papers, files, cards and calculators to calculate the marks of each student.

This type of grading is very difficult and take along time in calculating the grad of each student, and the school spends money every year for papers files and other things, as well as there is big ability for losing or damaging the document.

3. Purpose of the Study

I choose this type of grading system because it's much easier and to reduce many things such as: • reducing the cost
• reducing the time that teachers spends in calculating grads • reducing the ability for losing or damaging the documents • to make it secure that only teachers can enter the system

4. Objectives of the study

General objectives:
Develop a computerized grading system for Al Hedaya Alkhalifia secondary school that is reliable, fast and efficient use.

Specific objectives:
• to identify the existing system.
• to erumerate the problems that encounters
• to be able to develop a system that is:
*Fast and reliable
* Reducing cost
* Ensure that the information in secure place

5. Hypothesis of the Study
HA: There is significant difference between the existing and the proposed system in terms of efficiency, effective and reliability.

HO: There is No significant difference between the existing and the proposed system in terms of efficiency, effective and reliability.

6. Scope and Delimitation
The teacher login by entering the user name and password then he can insert the students mark and the system will calculate the grad automatically.

The system has two models, midterm and finals. There are two quizzes in each model that well be calculated in the class standing aside with home work and the behavior.

The total 100% will be distributed on the class standing 30%, the midterm exam 20% and the final exam 50%.

The project aims to make the teachers work much easier and provid a computerized system.

7. Definition of terms:

Visual Basic: programming language and environment developed by Microsoft. Based on the BASIC language, Visual Basic was one of the first products to provide a graphical programming environment and a paint metaphor for developing user interfaces. Instead of worrying about syntax details, the Visual Basic programmer can add a substantial amount of code simply by dragging and dropping controls, such as buttons and dialog boxes, and then defining their appearance and behavior.

system: Is a collection of parts interacting or interdependent with one another forming a unified whole towards a definite goal.

Users: are the people who want to access the system such as the students, teachers, staffs and other persons who have access to software programs.

Windows based system: refers to those applications or services that are installed in a computer that is accessible using a software program and is therefore accessible from this specific computer only.

Chapter 2

Review of Related Literature and Studies

1 .Theoretical Framework of the study:
The Figure {I} below shows the relationship between the input,...
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