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Through the use of technology, the economy of the country is moving forward. Nowadays, most people are using computers to make their work easier and faster. Most jobs in the country involve use of computers because of their importance in the society. It is used to store, protect, process, transmit, manage and retrieve information. This implies that computers can also be like humans that have intelligence and can work. However, its intelligence is only artificial because it is just a machine so kit is still relies on humans to perform any task required.

This document contains the alternative solution that comes up by the researchers on how to improve and implement the Registration System of Irma Lodge. It is made to help the staff of Irma Lodge to make their work easier and faster.

The researchers are hoping that this document will help the next researchers in the next generation not to ignore but to understand the significance of technology as they become good programmers.

Historical Background of Irma Lodge

Irma lodge is located at Poblacion North, Solano Nueva Vizcaya. It was managed by Irma Paguio. It was started around year 2000. At first, it was for their guests only but they tried to make it as a business and it was a success for them. The price they offer was 200 pesos for short time and 400 for 24 hours.

Conceptual Framework

The conceptual framework includes the discussion of the steps in developing the Registration System of Irma Lodge. The Registration System is not yet implemented at Irma Lodge.

The researchers have identified the possible problem: it is time consuming and to find an alternative solution for the problem, the Registration System would be a great help to the staff of Irma Lodge.

The output is to implement and design a Registration System. If the Registration System is already implemented, we will let the users give their own feedback.

Paradigm of Study


Statement of the problem

General Problem

Irma Lodge is using manual record to register their customers name, address and contact numbers. Having this kind of method will consume a longer time and require more effort before having the desired output. They are using manual timer. They need a computerized timer so that they will know the exact time the customer enters and time they leave the lodge, to avoid redundancy of records, to know the rooms available and monitor their daily, monthly and yearly income.

Specific Problems

Based on thorough analysis of the present system, the researchers found some problem areas in computing the time consumed by the customers; billing and payments of the customers and giving receipts.

• Slow data processing

• Time consuming

• Inaccuracy of reports

General Objectives

The main objective of the system is to develop a computerized Registration system that will help the staff of Irma Lodge of easily knowing the time that was consumed by the customers.

Specific Objectives

• To develop computerize Registration System.
• For more faster and easier of knowing the time that the customers consumed together with their billings and payments. • To provide a receipt for the customers.
• To store transactions for them to review daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. • To avoid redundancy of records.

Significance of the study

In every establishment, the owners aim to have a higher daily, monthly, and yearly income. Using technology can help them to improve their business transactions.

The researchers are proposing a computerized System that provides benefits to the following:

To the Customers – to let the customers know the exact time they stay in Lodge and their bills and payments.

To the Staff – to minimize their work, to avoid redundancy of records, to track the...
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