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Topics: Special education, Educational psychology, School Pages: 10 (2083 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Teaching and Teacher Education
Volume 24, Issue 3, April 2008, Pages 795–806
Service-learning informing the development
of an inclusive ethical framework
for beginning teachers
Suzanne Carrington, ,
Beth Saggers
(School of Learning and Professional Studies, Faculty of Education, Queensland University of Technology, Victoria Park Road, Kelvin Grove 4059, Qld., Australia)

A social-cultural theory of difference informed the development of a university unit on inclusive education with a focus on broadening students’ experience and understanding about the backgrounds and values of people in society. One of the aims of the unit was to “develop and work within legal and ethical frameworks that promote diversity, equity and inclusive education”. This paper will report on pre-service teacher reflections in Service-learning Program Logs associated with a university unit on inclusive education in Queensland, Australia. Service-learning requires students to become involved in their community in order to utilise knowledge learned at university. The programme involves reciprocal relationships with organisations in which the service reinforces and strengthens the learning in the academic unit on inclusive education, and the learning reinforces and strengthens the service. Analysis of data presented in this paper informed the development of set of principles of an inclusive ethical framework. We suggest that these principles could be further developed in teacher education programmes to progress inclusive practices in schools. Keywords

Inclusive education;
Teacher education
The inclusion of inclusive education in international development: Lessons from Papua New Guinea •Guy Le Fanu

A new ‘inclusive’ curriculum has been introduced in Papua New Guinea, with significant levels of support from a bilateral development agency. The curriculum is inclusive in the sense that it is designed to meet the diverse, complex, and ever-changing needs of students. Research indicates the curriculum has been shaped by various influences, most particularly Western educational ideology. Research in remote rural schools revealed that stakeholders were unable and unwilling to adopt many of the precepts of the new curriculum. Broader analysis indicates that this is likely to be the case elsewhere in PNG. In the light of these findings, it is proposed that international development agencies (IDAs), if they wish to effectively promote inclusive education, should become more ‘inclusive’ organisations – in the sense that they should adopt more responsive and participatory approaches in low income countries. ________________________________________

► A new ‘inclusive’ curriculum has been introduced in Papua New Guinea. ► This study examines its implementation in remote rural schools. ► Curricula are more likely to be implemented if they are context-sensitive. ► Schools also need to be provided with appropriate levels and types of support. ► International development agencies must acknowledge the above realities. Keywords

Inclusive education;
Papua New Guinea

Working in boundary practices: Identity development and learning in partnerships for inclusive education •Federico R. Waitollera, , ,
Elizabeth B. Kozleskib, 1
There has been an increasing trend to promote partnerships for inclusive education that share responsibility for teachers' and students' learning. Yet, the complexities of collaborating across institutions and professions as well as the identity work that goes with it has been under theorized in inclusive education partnerships. Drawing from Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) and the literature on boundary practices, this paper advances theoretical tools to examine and further understand the work of inclusive education partnerships. We conceptualize partnerships as a fertile...
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