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Rel vs Phil

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My focus for this paper will be to determine the difference in views on heaven and hell between religious and philosophical teachings, as well as incorporate the use of my own personal ideas on the topic. Since heaven and hell are of the unobservable nature, and since no one has been there and back to prove of these places, how can we say for sure that they exist? I found it difficult to fuse religion and philosophy to this concept, as religion has a set of principles they hold to be an unchangeable fact, and.philosophers "must accept the possibility of truth from any source and follow the argument wherever it leads." This paper will explore if it is possible for philosophy and religion to complement the other in this belief, or if they hold polar opposite views on heaven and hell.

For the purposes of this paper it will be important to define philosophy and religion more technically, to see where some of their basic differences lie. The general difference between religion and philosophy lies in that religion seeks truth through belief and faith, whereas philosophy bases truth on opinions and conviction, through a person's reasoning and speculation. There have been philosophers who have argued that logic alone cannot determine truth, however they do not focus on faith as a basis for reasoning. When a religious person speaks the words ‘Amen', they are literally reiterating what they believe and are speaking of without further speculation, as Amen literally translates to ‘I believe it'.

The subject of philosophy is sure to draw certain general ideas of what philosophy studies, however, there are certain Islamic Philosophical texts that have a specific focus on heaven and hell, which I will analyze. "In the common parlance of European languages, ‘philosophy' evokes the idea of something having to do with general principles, governing reasoning laws, conceptual definitions, the origin, and end of things, and still to some extent wisdom, and one speaks only...

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