Rel 133 Four Yogic Paths & Jainism

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  • Published : August 5, 2012
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Four Yogic Paths and Jainism
REL 133
James Finch

Four Yogic Paths and Jainism
| Jnana Yoga| Karma Yoga| Bhakti Yoga| Raja Yoga| Jainism| Explain the Meaning of the Name| Jnana is defined per Sanskrit as to learn or experience.| Karma is defined as an action or work. Only secondarily is it defined as a result of a deed.| Bhakti is defined as love or devotion.| Per Sanskrit raja is defined as king or royal, as the mind is perceived as the king of the psyche.| One thirthankaras, Mahavira, is called a jina, which means conqueror, after a conquering a liberating experience. It is after this term, jina Jainism is named.| Explain the Basic Concepts | Jnana Yoga is the process of turning scholarly knowledge into a more practical knowledge through personal reflection to bring one to a self-realization. It is more about the journey of your studies to this self-realization.| Karma Yoga is a method that is for the release of ego and self to accept the spiritual unity with God.| Bhakti Yoga is a process of total faith. Through worship and prayer to their God they channel their love and devotion into them. The process releases their own self-identity and they are able to become one with God.| Raja Yoga is the method to help control the mind, senses, body and energy using restraint and breathing techniques to ensure meditation will be more natural| Jainism does not believe in a creator God. This is also the only religion that believes the universe is finite.| Describe the Practices| Developing correct awareness of the mind, the body, and the Atman or Self.2. Purification of the body and the mind through self-discipline.3. Acquiring true awareness of the world around and the supreme- self beyond.4. Practicing various disciplines and other techniques as a means to self-purification and elevation and elimination of thought process” (Bohn, 2009, pp.1)| They believe in reincarnation, anything you do or think comes back to you...
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