Rejection of Adoptive Children

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  • Published : February 17, 2009
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Rejection of Adoptive Children Should someone be allowed to return a child to an adoption agency if the child turns out to be defective? Throughout the history, this question has developed many arguments. There has been cases regarding this issue, one great example would be the incident with Tony and his adoptive parents. According to Andrea Sachs Tony’s adoptive parent decided to return Tony to the state after five years, because Tony and his parents are not bonding or connecting the way they should be connected. On the other hand Tony’s adoptive parents do not have any bonding problems with Tony’s biological younger brother. Many believe that the adoptive parents do not have the right to return to the state, because adoptive parents are responsible for the child regardless if it is good or bad. However, the child’s best option should be considered. Yes, it sounds horrible to think that the child is being left behind or being rejected, but how pleasant the child’s life be if the child was place into an unwanted home or family; that experience would be way more brutal. Not only will the parents not appreciate the child but, the adoptive parent would feel as if the child were a package. If the child is not being appreciated it is more likely the child will not get the right attention and care from the parents. When teenager do not get the attention they want, they tend to do wild action to gain attention, such as cursing, fighting, and stealing. When a child has to do these actions to gain attention then, this environment is not pleasant for either the parent or the child. That means parents should be allowed to return the child to their adoption agency, if parents are not satisfied with their adoptive child. By allowing that action it actually gives the child another chance of being with a more appreciated family. Overall, adoptive parents should be allowed to return their adoptive child if later on the road the parents are unsatisfied with their adoptive...
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