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A weird idea of much interest is that of reincarnation. What is reincarnation? Some say it's the fact that a person's soul lives without a body and throughout the years possesses different bodies. Is this true or is reincarnation the result of a mentally unstable person's vivid imagination or even the result of cryptomnesia, when a person takes something they have heard or seen, forgets about ever hearing or seeing it and then remembers the event(s) as happening in another life. These three hypothesizes each seem plausible in there own right. With the help of the SEARCH method it will be shown which hypothesis fits best.

Hypothesis 1: When a person dies the soul undergoes a process called reincarnation, in which the soul lives another life in the future.
The evidence I have to back up this particular claim is that of a story I read in People magazine awhile back. In this story a woman, who goes by the name of Jenny Cockell, claims to have experienced reincarnation. She claims she was once a woman, who went by the name of Marry Sutton, who died 21 years before Jenny's own birth. Jenny believes this because of dreams she has had since the age of three. These dreams were unlike ordinary dreams in how vivid and real they seemed. In the dreams Jenny saw herself in another time and place. She saw herself as a young mother living in a small cottage somewhere in Ireland. In one dream particularly Jenny saw herself with a terrible fever on her own deathbed, terrified of what was to become of her children. One day Jenny decided to find out what had become of these children. So Jenny went to Ireland and while looking at a map of Ireland she sensed that Mary had lived in the small town of Malahide. Then she checked local church records for any mothers of eight named Mary that had gone there. Since from her dreams Jenny recalled there being eight children and the only name she could remember from the dreams was Mary. Sure enough Jenny...

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