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Are you stressed out? Would you like to learn how to reduce your stress? Reiki and Chios methods of healing are gaining acceptance through hospitals; although, they differ in technique, more doctors, physical therapists, psychotherapists, and psychologists are using them today. Following are aspects on Reiki healing methods and Chios healing methods. Both healing methods are safe and non- invasive forms of healing and both can be designed to fit one’s personal needs.

Reiki in English means “universal life force” or “universal energy. “ In Japanese, Rei means universal with the suggestion of “universal intelligence.” Ki means “non-physical energy,” in other words “universal energy.” Different cultures recognize life energy and refer to it by different names. The word Chios comes from the ancient civilization of Bactria. In English the translation would be “life force.”

Reiki and Chios are simple natural techniques in healing oneself and others. The universal part of Reiki and Chios signifies the energy is in all living beings and as a method of healing humanity can draw upon limitless energy that remains abundant. Reiki energy and Chios energy holds its own wisdom and knows its own purpose on where to flow. When the energy is channeled into the one receiving the healing, it makes every effort to bring balance and harmony.

The traditional system of Reiki, originally called Usui System of Natural Healing by Dr. Mikao Usui its modern founder has many personal benefits. Although there are many variations to the Reiki technique, learning from a qualified teacher will only enhance those benefits. Key benefits include stress reduction, relaxation, it helps the body cleanse itself from toxins and, Reiki also supports the circulatory system. These are just a few examples of the many benefits.

Chios Energy Healing is a rather new technique focusing on effective ways healing the aura and chakra system....
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