Rehabilitation Clinic System Design in Uml

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Executive Summary

The development team intends to create a system to assist with the management of the Ryerson Rehabilitation Clinic. The Case Management System (CMS) will coordinate and integrate all the inherent activities involved in the management of the centre which includes electronic medical records, appointments, billing, patient treatment history, administrative activities and claims processing. Furthermore, CMS assists the staff to streamline intakes and assignments, provide assessments, service and treatment planning, enables the staff to access their schedules which has been integrated into MS Outlook, provides alerts and tasks updates, referrals management, comprehensive billing, flexible reporting and provides clinical documentation for third-party providers.

Currently there is an opportunity to streamline business processes and integrate many of the current business functions, for example:

• There is too much paper to store patient information; • Time consuming to update patient records;
• Staff is unable to search patient records based on specific criteria; • Takes a long time to coordinate therapist’s availability and schedule multiple appointments; • Difficult to provide information sharing between specialist’s; • Lengthy to track payments;

• Time consuming to remind patients of appointments;
• Complete repetitive forms;
• Time consuming to sort billing information;
• Security – patient’s privacy and no restriction for accessing information; • Duplicate reports;
• Difficult to integrate account management;
• Specialist cannot access patient’s medical record from anywhere; • Unable to backup patient’s information;
• Inflexible decision making process.

Future iterations of the system will focus on a web-based component where patients will be able to submit information regarding their medical condition through simple online data capture forms. Moreover, patients will be able to review their medical history. In addition, patients will also be able to view the specialist’s schedule and allow the patient to select the specialist to schedule an appointment. Also, specialist can review the medical information before the patient actually makes an appointment for definitive treatment and patient assessment can be done remotely in a virtual room or mobile device.

There are several advantages and disadvantages for an online service. For example, advantages of online services include extended business hours which can be extended to 24/7, global location, lower transaction costs and improved customer interactions. However, there are also various disadvantages of online services which include greater customer fears, decreased social experience and increased competition.

The web-based component will enable the centre to generate new streams of revenue, strengthen the supply chain, maximize the use of existing assets, strengthen its market position and build points of differentiation.

The following summary of benefits should help the centre to operate more efficiently once the system has been implemented:

• Streamline information sharing and collaboration
• Improve business processes
• Easier transaction management
• Easier to schedule multiple appointments
• Increased efficiency and productivity
• Reduction in patient wait time
• Easier billing
• Empower users
• Central distribution of information
• Easy retrieval of patient’s history
• Improved responses to demands of patient care by automating the process of collecting, collating, retrieving patient information and providing an intelligent flow of information • Easy backup

• Safe...
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