Rehabilation and Retrofitting of Structures

Topics: Earthquake engineering, Construction, Truss Pages: 49 (10334 words) Published: May 3, 2013

Hari Darshan Shrestha Krishna S. Pribadi Dyah Kusumastuti Edwin Lim

Mission of Save the Children To create lasting, positive change in the lives of children in need Vision of Save the Children A world in which every child is ensured the right to survival, protection, development and participation as set forth in the United Nations Convention on the Right of Children

This book is developed by Save the Children, Construction Quality & Technical Assistance (CQTA) in collaboration with Center for Disaster Mitigation - Institute of Technology Bandung (CDM -ITB)

Manual on ”Retrofitting of Existing Vulnerable School Buildings-Assessment to Retrofitting” Part I 


Schools are institutions providing an education as well as a common place for community gatherings and meetings. They should be models in providing examples of quality education and the enhancement of the environment & physical facilities. Schools not only provide opportunities for formal education, but also for social development and personal growth. Despite this, there are millions of schools around the world that are unsafe. There is an urgent need to create greater awareness of safer school construction in new schools, while at the same time making sure that the existing school buildings are safe. This can be done through the implementation of general practices of safe school construction and the retrofitting of existing school buildings. Creating a culture of safe school construction is possible and need not be as complicated as some may seem. It can be implemented simply by establishing standards of design and construction of school buildings, developing a local building code and ensuring that the code and standards are met. The challenge is the thousands of unsafe existing school buildings around the globe where millions of children are at risk. Recent disasters such as the earthquake in Pakistan and China, the cyclone in Bangladesh and the infamous hurricane Katrina in the USA have caused the destruction of thousands of schools and with them the lives of many students and teachers. This shows the urgent need to make schools safer for everyone. Save the Children initiated the creation of safe and child friendly school construction. Save the Children is conducting workshops and trainings as well as developing guidelines and manuals to support this initiative. These documents are based on best practices in Indonesia, the most seismic prone country in the world. We believe these resources could be useful for other countries facing similar challenges as well as other organizations working on building the capacities of local authorities to effectively implement safe and child friendly school buildings. We would like to thank Dr. Krishna Pribadi, Dr. Dyah Kusumastuti and Mr. Edwin Lim from the Center for Disaster Mitigation - Institute of Technology Bandung, and Mr. Hari Darshan Shrestha for their contributions on the development of this document. Mike Novell AVP, Asia Area office Save the Children

Manual on ”Retrofitting of Existing Vulnerable School Buildings-Assessment to Retrofitting” Part I 


PREFACE CONTENT LIST OF FIGURES 1 Introduction 2 Principle of Retrofitting a Concept of Retrofitting b Decision for Retrofitting c Cost-Benefit of Retrofitting d Retrofitting Process 3 Vulnerability Assessment a Vulnerability Assessment for Novice (Teacher and Community) b Vulnerability Assessment for Engineers c Vulnerability Assessment for People in Charge 4 Retrofitting of School Building a Introduction b Various Techniques on Retrofitting c Retrofitting of Non-Structural Components 5 Case Studies: Retrofitting of School Building: SDN Padasuka II (UNCRD Project, with Technical Assistance from CDM-ITB) a Introduction b Condition of Existing Structure c Structural Analysis d Retrofitting Approach e Retrofitting Process f...
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